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I have always LOVED to make things. So a few users ago I decided on a whim to design some roses out of duct tape. Here is what I used: Duct tape siccors Wire Flower wire Wire curting tool Above is all my tools. I cut a couple pieces shorter to.make the first three petals.… Continue reading Roses


I have always wanted to open my own business. Not because I want to set my own hours (but that would be nice) but because I enjoy building things. This coffee table took 3 weeks and a lot of time cutting down branches to get that look on the top. I built it back in… Continue reading Passion

The little things.

Saddle Mountain in Seaside, Oregon. (I LOVE the pacific northwest.) Often I feel overlooked or pushed aside to make way for bigger ideas, better and harder workers, when I'm doing everything I can to be the best I can be. In a world that wants what it wants now and not later. It's certainly it… Continue reading The little things.

Allow me to Re-introduce myself

Have you ever looked at yourself and thought I need to cut my hair? I need to wear less (more) make-up? I need to smile more. I should be nicer to people. I feel like this every time I look in the mirror mainly because I don’t recognize the woman staring back at me. If […]