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Complicated messes

I like to think of myself as a web of complications that make up who I am. I'm strong when I need to be but I hide my feelings. I talk very loudly (probably due to the fact that i have hearing damage.) I like to sing but I don't think I'm very good at… Continue reading Complicated messes


I couldn't even tell anyone. And that's the worst part, having a secret that you know you cant share because it would do more damage than good. But I didn't keep it a secret, I told people and that's what hurt the most because they knew and they couldn't do anything to help me. I… Continue reading Secrets

Short and sweet

I found this on my dining room table in my house. I think my grandma left it for me. And I'm glad she did because it impacted me in a way that I didn't think that this silly little quote would. This is something I wish I could tell myself everyday. Sometimes I forget my… Continue reading Short and sweet


I have always LOVED to make things. So a few users ago I decided on a whim to design some roses out of duct tape. Here is what I used: Duct tape siccors Wire Flower wire Wire curting tool Above is all my tools. I cut a couple pieces shorter to.make the first three petals.… Continue reading Roses


I have always wanted to open my own business. Not because I want to set my own hours (but that would be nice) but because I enjoy building things. This coffee table took 3 weeks and a lot of time cutting down branches to get that look on the top. I built it back in… Continue reading Passion