Complicated messes

I like to think of myself as a web of complications that make up who I am.
I’m strong when I need to be but I hide my feelings. I talk very loudly (probably due to the fact that i have hearing damage.) I like to sing but I don’t think I’m very good at it and I LOVE to build and create things.

I just started a new job. Well technically it’s not new I’ve been working for the same company for a few years now but they just recently promoted me.
Which is awesome, but its one where you’re not ready but everyone thinks you are so you kind of just say yes but you most likely should have said no. Awesome thing is though I love my boss she is probably one of the strongest humans I have EVER met. She’s been through a lot but she keeps her head up.

My son also just went in for a hearing procedure on Wednesday last week and that is something that will give me nightmares for a long time because it was more mentally scarring for me than it was for him and since he was under anesthesia he wont ever remember it. (which is a great thing) He cried so hard when they put the mask over his face and he just looked at me and tears were streaming down his face and he was crying and screaming and looking at me like why are you letting them do this to me. (I’m scarred for life. Seriously.)

And on top of all of that I am in the graduate program and doing online schooling. (Hopefully I graduate on time in January right before I turn 27.)

See like I said I’m complicated and sometimes I’m a mess but that’s not a bad thing.

Maybe you’re a complicated mess too and if so we should be friend’s.



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