How a book changed my life

In two-thousand and ten I was in a car accident that nearly took my life. I was nineteen at the time and I thought I knew everything, so I didn’t listen to the advice of my step-dad and my mom and I drove on a road that was not safe, especially during December with snow and ice on the ground. I rolled my car and it was deemed totaled. I spent a few days in the hospital where I was checked out and given a somewhat clean bill of health aside from the fact that I had hit my head so hard that it caused damage to my brain, I was diagnosed with Retrograde amnesia, a memory condition where all long-term memories are erased. When I was released from the hospital I was given a book and its title was The was written by WM Paul Young and he wrote it for his children one Christmas when he had nothing else to give them. It’s about a man whose daughter is kidnapped and murdered and he comes face to face with God in the place where his daughter was killed. It takes place over the course of a weekend, a weekend that he spends with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. All of whom have different personalities and ways of communicating love and love for each other. I read this book in almost one sitting, it was that amazing. It not only shed light on the fact that everything can be healed with love and time spent on forgiving but also that even when someone you love more than anything is taken from you, there can be healing through a relationship with the Almighty. This book opened a conversation for me with God, as having so close to losing my life it was a way of finding forgiveness for myself since I was not the only one in the car when I crashed but also learning to accept the consequences of my actions. Not only has this book become my favorite but a few weeks ago my mom asked if she could borrow it so that she could give it to my step-dad so he could read it. This book has really changed my outlook on life, it has helped me accept forgiveness for myself but also forgiveness of every kind. I know that I still get mad when I drive on the freeway and occasionally I’m the person cutting someone else off, but I’m learning to live a better life and a healthier life. Yes, this book is about a relationship with something bigger than yourself, but it’s also about learning to love and finding healing in your very darkest days. Just when you think that all hope is lost there is a light and a voice that’s ready and willing to pull you out of the darkness whether it’s what you believe or not. This book has helped me and the many of billions of others who have read and loved it just as much or more than me. And since it’s a movie now you can watch it, but I’m a big believer that turning pages in a book is better than watching it play out on a screen in front of you.

All credit to WM Paul Young.



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