I have always wanted to open my own business.
Not because I want to set my own hours (but that would be nice) but because I enjoy building things.


This coffee table took 3 weeks and a lot of time cutting down branches to get that look on the top. I built it back in 2016.

I was in Job Corps for 2 years and there I learned how to use the creative side of my brain to build things that I could use every day and that other people could use every day. It has become the biggest passion of my life.


Yes, this really is a scrabble clock. I originally made it for my friend for Christmas but at the last minute she said she didn’t want it. So, it’s hanging in my room (which I really enjoy) and it’s a fun piece of art and home that I made that I get to cherish every day and well it tells me the time (which is good cause I’m always late for something.)


Even though it’s upright it is actually a coffee table. I saw something somewhere that gave me directions on how to do this and since my mom told me once that she needed a new coffee table I went ahead and took it upon myself to build her one. (I’m an overachiever I guess).

Then I had my son.


So, for this project basically I took a picture of him every month until he was 1. And I got clock parts from Michael’s craft store and adjusted the time to the time he was born. Each hour corresponds to how old he was in each picture as in 1 month = 1 o clock and so on.

This was by far one of my favorite projects.
The only time I ever had a problem with this project was when he was two months old and I couldn’t get him to calm down enough to take a good picture but that’s life as a new mom and it just adds to how much this project and this tiny little human mean to me.

These are just a few of the many things I’ve built and I cant tell you how many other countless projects like this are in my friends homes or on walls or things they use everyday.
I literally go above and beyond for people when I build a project for them. From the ground up its all about how they are going to use the project everyday. And that’s what I try to keep in mind.

Plus side if they end up not being able to use it I’ve got a cool new thing I can use!



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