A day in the sun 

See this truck? The rust that’s creeping up on all sides of it?

This truck is sitting in the back 40 at my moms house and it has been ever since the first time I saw it when I was 15.

Sometimes I feel like this truck. Worn down and ready to just sit and rust.

Other times I feel like a brand new truck ready to run for the first time.

I guess everyone feels like this sometimes, worn out and under appreciated.

As a mom when I feel that way I just want to pull my hair out and curl up in a ball and take a nap but then I tell myself to just relax and breathe. 

But everytime I look at this truck I remember that once upon a time this truck was a brilliant green, it was spotless and had no millage on it. 

I guess I need to remember that even on my worst days I could always look like this truck and be falling apart. 

At least im not rusting. 



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