The little things.

Saddle Mountain in Seaside, Oregon. (I LOVE the pacific northwest.)

Often I feel overlooked or pushed aside to make way for bigger ideas, better and harder workers, when I’m doing everything I can to be the best I can be.

In a world that wants what it wants now and not later. It’s certainly it difficult to feel wanted very second of the day and feel like you matter and you are appreciated.

Luckily for me I live with my grandparents who make me feel like my opinion is valued. My grandfather leaves notes for me every now and then that say he loves me or that I should have a good day. Those things I value, I treasure them and I save them.

I was sitting in church this morning and my.pastor said something that resonates with and it was he that waters will be watered hhimself. It’s a verse that comes out of proverbs and it is so true.

If you feed into the negative things this world has to offer the you will not flourish bit if you sow seeds of love and kindness and grace you will in turn see those tho he multiply in your life and for your favor.

I know in my life God has been good whether I see it or not.



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