Yours + Mine = Ours?

I come from a broken home. Not broken like bad more so broken like dysfunctional. But now days who doesn’t come from a dysfunctional family / home?

I don’t call my dad, ‘dad.’ Not because of any one reason more like a bunch of reasons all jumbled together that have been inside me for a long time. I call him by the name his parents gave him, which is Brad. Except if I talk to him or see him (which is like once a year maybe) or talk to him (which is about as often as seeing him) I’ll call him ‘dad.’

My parents divorced when I was 15ish. I don’t remember it but then again, I don’t remember a lot of things (I’ll get to that at another time.) My mom then packed up me and my five siblings at the time and we moved back to the town I was born in and we moved into my grandparents’ house. My mom’s name is Kathy and she’s probably the strongest person I’ve ever met. (she’s also why I call this blog ‘Strong Like Mom.)

Now as you know I have about a million siblings, well not really a million but enough of them that I can’t remember everyone’s birthdays (Sad I know, don’t judge me.) My brother Jared is 24, My sister Brooklyn just turned 21, (We went out to the bar the other night which was weird cause I bought her a drink well technically two but whatever, it was weird being at a bar with my baby sister.) Jared, Brooklyn and I are all full blood siblings, meaning we have the same mom and dad.

Then there’s Breanna who will be 15 in December and Jackson who will be 13 (I think) in May. They are both adopted, and are half siblings, (they have the same mom and different dads.) We adopted them when they were babies.

Then my mom met my step-dad, Daren and they got married. Which brought in more siblings for the already 5 of us.

There’s Victor who I think is 20 (although I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be 21 in July.) And Edward (We call him Eddy) is 14 or almost 14 and he and Victor have the same mom and dad.

Now before Daren and my mom got together Daren had been with another lady for a very long time and she had three kids of her own, Jenny who is the oldest, Timmy the middle baby and Linda who was the youngest. I’ve only met Jenny once and it was at Timmy’s funeral (He died in 2009, thank you for your condolences) Linda however I’ve seen a few times and she’s a year or two older than I am.

So that’s my family, there’s 10 or were 10 of us at one point. That’s like a baseball or football team, I mean we are a tribe, we go places and the 7 of us (minus Linda and Jenny) take up a few tables. We go to church and we take up a whole isle, yes, I said a whole isle.

For a while my mom and my step-dad tried to have one of their own but it just wasn’t part of God’s plan for them. So, they were stuck with all of the babies they already had!

Which I’m not complaining but 10 kids that’s a lot. (My uncle, my mom’s brother has 8 kids, I guess you could say big families is what we do.)

I never really thought about how some families aren’t close, siblings don’t really talk to each other unless they have to at some family event. My family is the opposite, we talk almost every day (aside from when we are arguing.)

I know I haven’t always been there for my siblings and I know they haven’t always been there for me. But when it came down to it we were always there when we needed each other and that is something that I truly value. (Especially after my car accident.)

I’m close to my mom but that’s only been since my car accident (Long story short I have something called Retrograde Amnesia, look it up.)

I’m also close to my grandparents (I live with them) so obviously, I’m close to them. (Plus, they are helping me raise my son, their great grandson.)

I don’t know if you’re from a blended family like I am but if you are just know that you are not alone and everyone has disagreements and problems and no one has a perfect family, (perfect is overrated.) and maybe you’ve created the blended family.

Plus one of my favorite movie’s is Yours, Mine and Ours (the Lucille Ball version not the Denis Quaid version) You know where they have their own kids and then they have one together.

Kinda like my family.

(No idea why I wrote this btw)



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