The perfect life of Parenting

So, I’m waiting to get my coffee this morning and I look at my son who is walking around the store with my keys trying to unlock everything (he just figured out where keys go) and I’m laughing at him and then all of a sudden, he looks at me and throws up.

Yes, that’s exactly what happened luckily, we were at my work and there was no else in the store.

I hate when things go south so fast unfortunately it’s been like that for me for as long as I can remember. Things are good one minute and then falling apart the next and I being who I am never know how it got that way.

So now we are sitting back at home (we were on our way to church) watching the new Star Wars movie and he’s quietly playing with his toys. And while I should be doing homework I’m just sitting here writing this and watching him.

MY little human being entertaining to himself. That’s crazy considering he hates to be alone and even if I walk out of the room for one second he starts crying.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that one second it could be sunny and everything is perfect in your world and the next it could be pouring down rain and your whole life could be falling apart.

Since I’m missing out on church today I’ll pray my son gets better so we can go next week.



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