Unfinished Projects

Have you ever started a project with every intention of getting it done and then you get about halfway through it and you realize that you don’t like how it’s turning out or you lose interest or you just get busy with other things?

Currently I’m sitting at the I’ve lost interest stage. Let me tell you why.

So, back a few weeks ago my sister had to move out of the house she was renting and she had nowhere to go so she moved in with my grandma and grandpa. Now that’s all well and good except that my son and I live there as well. Talk about a full house.

We live in a 3-bedroom house obviously, my grandparents have their own room, I have my own room and before my sister moved back in my son had his own room.

So, as we were moving my sisters stuff into the room that my son was living in we were also moving most of his stuff out and into my room. So not only did I have a room full of stuff I now also had a room that was full of an almost toddlers stuff.

Let me tell you cribs are huge and they take up so much space. It took me four tries to get his crib out of his room, down the hallway and then into my room. I then had to move around my whole room to make room for the one thing my little guy was going to be sleeping in.

So, my sister was living here for a little over a month and mostly she either hid in her room watching something on her laptop or she just wasn’t here. Not that I minded it was weird though because when she was here it was like she wasn’t. And when she was it was like she was on auto pilot and didn’t participate in anything other than to eat whatever food was made or being made. (Cause everyone in my family loves to eat and I mean LOVES to eat.)

Finally, after a little over a month she applied for an apartment and congrats to her cause she got it! And who helped her move. Correct! it was my sister’s boyfriend, myself and my lovely mother who by the way has had countless surgeries, metal pieces in her knee, shoulder and hip and she still walked up and down three flights of stairs to move my sister into this apartment.

So back to the house I live in, the room that she was sleeping in once again belonged to my son. And it was missing something, stuff for my son! So of course, what did I do? I bought him a toddler bed that had a coloring table and a director’s chair and a toy box. And as he, being a boy and his favorite show just happens to be Paw Patrol which is on Nick Jr. and we watch it four to five days a week that’s what was all over everything I bought him. It’s his favorite so why not spoil the little guy.

So that crib I was talking about earlier currently it’s in pieces leaning against my wall because I finally after two weeks of looking at it and my son not sleeping in it because he’s been sleeping in his room in his toddler bed I thought it was time to take it apart and put it away. (Not that I plan on having any more kids.) And that’s where it’s been for almost two weeks now leaning against my wall and I just keep walking around it because I am too lazy to take it in pieces out to the storage area where all my other stuff is stored.

Laziness runs in my family so do a lot of other bad traits but I guess right now I’m just too lazy to even care about moving it even though my grandma keeps telling me to get it out of my room and my grandpa has told me he would help me move it. Still it’s there in my room probably gathering dust (even though it’s only been two weeks.) So maybe I’ll leave it there maybe I won’t but like a lot of my projects the last few months I think my losing interest habit needs to be over.

Because unfinished projects suck and I’m over it.



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